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Who We Are

Chicago Brass was created in 1983 to fill the booming need for specialty hardware products in the Chicago metropolitan area. Over the next 30 years, the business evolved and moved to serve the changing needs of its clients, as the marketplace grew from the city and the North Shore to a more regional operation with projects in neighboring states and beyond.

In January 2011, Chicago Brass returned to its city of Chicago roots with a showroom on Kinzie Street across from the Merchandise Mart, far more convenient to the professional architecture and design community. Four years later, Chicago Brass recommitted to achieving a higher level of excellence with an exclusive focus on providing luxury door and cabinet hardware to members of the architecture, design and construction trades.

Having curated ‘best in class’ products and refined a professional and highly effective set of processes, Chicago Brass markets, specifies, and supplies luxury architectural hardware to architects, designers, and general contractors regardless of their geographic location.

How We Work

For decades Chicago Brass has connected discerning architects, designers and contractors with manufacturers of the finest architectural hardware.

We are more than just a hardware supplier. We combine years of experience, a proven project management process and dedicated, knowledgeable professionals to become a member of your team through the entire project, collaborating from the design phase through installation and beyond, for a successful outcome each and every time.

Our process begins with an in-depth discussion of the needs of your specific project. Please contact us to arrange your architectural hardware consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Curated Offering: ‘Best in Class’ Products from Three Classes:

  • Highest quality manufacturing for lifelong, like-new performance.
  • Artisan hand-finishing and plating in an infinite number of standard and custom finishes.
  • Endless combinations of handles, backplates, functions, and accessories.
  • Exclusive design and full customization capability.
  • Professional team dedicated to the success of your project.
  • The highest echelon.
  • Made to order and custom with exquisite detail and design,white gloves treatment.
  • Elevated manufacturing and mechanics for long-term performance.
  • Quality finishing in a variety of plated and patinaed options.
  • Broad array of handles, backplates, functions, and accessories.
  • Reliable lead times under eight weeks, most within four to six.
  • Professional team dedicated to the success of your project.
  • A range for the quality-focused and detail oriented.
  • Greater level of finish, design, and function than home center products.
  • Order to delivery lead times typically within two weeks.
  • Professional team dedicated to the success of your project.
  • When the offering of home centers is lacking the variety and quality needed and product is needed quickly.
Service: basic Select BESPOKE
Bid Documents Take Off x x x
Assemble Hardware Schedule with Spec and Prep Documents x x x
Project Coordination by Experienced Hardware Professionals x x x
Walkthrough of Project Site Fee Based x x
GUARANTEE: Accuracy of Hardware Schedule x x
Budget Alignment Assistance x x
Display Samples Available for Short-Term Loan x x
Pre-Order Collaborative Review x
Long-Term Sample Loan for Project Reference x
Service: basic Select BESPOKE
Shipments Labeled and Packaged According to Schedule x x x
White Glove Inspection of Finished Items x x
Installation Kit x x
Finish Uniformity: Batch Finishing Available for Most Lines x
Custom Product Consultation and Development x
Attic Stock Recommendation x
Service: basic Select BESPOKE
Post-Installation Telephone Support x x x
Post-Installation Onsite Support x x
Finish Care and Maintenance Kit x
End-User Manual x

Custom Hardware Capabilities

Our custom hardware department is able to execute nearly any design you can imagine, from modification of existing items to completely custom pieces. Our finishing specialists are able to create or match almost any plated or antique hardware finish.

We invite you to contact us to discuss the custom door hardware we can provide for your project.

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